What can we create from the olive tree

The Olive trees in Israel, the holy land, are very widespread.
It is mentioned in the bible a lot of times
The olive is one of the Seven Species of the holy land.

After cutting the branches (legally) it is being  dried for a one year and then it is ready for  a creation.
This wood is hard and looks very nice.
So, What can we do from these olive branches?

1. YAD Torah pointer, for reading in the Torah each portion every Shabbat.
2. Tabaetz, A Jewish ring holder, for putting the rings during Netila (Washing hands)
3. Mezuzah case, is the housing for the scroll on the door.
4. Hebrew olive wood wall clock, for decorate Jewish home.
5. Olive wood Menorah for Hanukah

chanukah menora olive wood 2014 106. Olive wood Judaica Jewelry אוסף תכשיטים 1

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