Memory of our family Jerusalem Café in Bedzin Poland

In September 6 2015 will open in Bedzin Poland a new "Jerusalem Café" or in Polish "CAFÉ JEROZOLIMA" or in Hebrew קפה ירושלים

The main project and the manager is Adam Szidlowski

This is also a Jewish museum and a place to visit all of all generation of the roots of Bedzin

I did a special wall clock for the "Jerusalem Café"cafe Jerozolima clock 1I sent to Adam a picture (JPG file) of my Great grandfather Moshe Wolf Hershkowitz

Moshe Wolf Hershkowitz

Adam took the picture in frame it and hanged it on the wall from the "Jerusalem Café"

On the top of the wall Adam put on a "Torah scroll" in a frame

It is very honor for me and a great memory for our family

During the time I will add more information about the importance nice projectmoshe wolf hershkowitz in bedzin 1moshe wolf hershkowitz in bedzinmy graet grandfather in Bendinbendin 5Our family tree from BendinHershkowitz Tree 1clock in bendin 1

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